Eeking out the Speed


My nephew is in the Cub Scouts and he had his Pinewood Derby this past weekend. He got his ass kicked.

I don't recall doing so well in the derby myself when I was a kid and my brother is undoubtedly propagating the ill-conceived notions of car design we used. It didn't take much googling to find better notions:

It's on like Donkey Kong.

I may just have to help the kid build his car next year. We can have it perfected by the time the other nephew hits the Scouts.


I'm also not overly enthused about the way the adults lie to the kids about their cars speeds. According to the value reported by the derby software, my nephew's car was doing about 180 mph. Nonsense. The cars started with a height of five feet, so they couldn't get over a dozen mph. He's going to tell someone that and they're going to think he's full of shit.



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