The GOP currently has an embarrassment in riches in the number of capable candidates entering the race for the party's nomination for the 2016 presidential election. There's something like 15 announced and suspected candidates. This has caused panic in some circles; how do you hold a debate between 15 people?

Fox News and Facebook are hosting the first of 11 debates in August and have opted to split it into varsity and junior varsity based on polling. It still amounts to 10 people in a giant circular firing squad.

There have been other solutions proposed (cited because I stole their image), but I know everyone is desperate for my two cents and rather than be coy, I will provide it. I want to see round-robin debates. That's right, 225 debates, one on one.

Seriously, the Republican Convention is July 18th of 2016. That's 14 months for each candidate to do 15 to 20 debates. Entirely doable.

What's more, the debates can be spread over the entire Union. Each pair can decide where to have the debate and make the debate like a campaign stop. I'd also suggest that each pair of opponents decide on the format together, whether it's a formal debate, a chat over coffee, or dueling sermons at Bob Jones. Make it exciting, make it varied.

If that sounds too time-consuming (for some reason), we toss Sarah Palin or Donald Trump in to hit the requisite power of 2 and we only need 4 rounds of THUNDERDOME!

Two [candidates] enter! One [candidate] leaves!

Two [candidates] enter! One [candidate] leaves!

Two [candidates] enter! One [candidate] leaves!

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