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This is a bit delayed...

In the fall of 2015 my mother informed me that for Christmas I would be replacing the cheap MDF shelves she used to store recipes with something I would be building*. So, as my name indicates, I started thinking about it and planning.

My parents' kitchen has cabinets my father and grandfather built in the 1970s and includes a niche for phonebooks and notebooks. The shelf had to fit under that. I also decided to give it wheels, so that mom could roll it over to where she would be cooking and lay a cookbook out on top. That limited the vertical space a bit and it still had to have two tiers to match the previous shelf. So this is what I came up with:

Pictured here with the Christmas Eve vittles of my people, Pizza Hut and Budweiser. I ordered Dominoes one year after Pizza Hut closed early and I still hear about it.

Usually I prefer a darker stain, but this time I went with the Minwax Sedona color so that it would be lighter like the kitchen's cabinets but still stand out with the reddish hue (and because I like red).

It took forever to find casters with a low profile. These are bolted into inserts in the legs. Sourcing the inserts was also a trial and I have an excess of inserts I need to find projects for now.

I angled the shelves so the books would not fall off when the cart is moved, like a library cart. That feature also makes it stand out from other shelves visually.

I gave it handles around the top to aid movement and also hide the endgrain of the vertical supports.

I was pretty happy with the final result and mom was too. So I won Christmas and continue being the number one son in more than birth order. It also helped that two of my brothers completely missed Christmas dinner, but I would have won anyway. Which is the meaning of Christmas, right?

*: She then promptly forgot she insisted on this and I could have gotten her anything.

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