Pumpkin Pizza


Last week I picked up the gauntlet and made pumpkin-spice pizza. This week I just went ahead and made Pumpkin Pizza. Or is it just a big pumpkin pie with weird shit in it?

I'm going to go with pumpkin pizza since I spiced it like a pizza and there's a tomato in there.

Last time I used pretzel dough for my pizza dough. Pretzels, like bagels, are boiled though. I wanted to replicate the texture of a pretzel so I decided to try boiling the crust first. But how? How do I put it in, how do I get it out, how do I not burn myself with boiling water? It's floppy dough, it won't be as easy as a pretzel or bagel. Not that I know how to do either of those...

So I just stuck it in a big turkey pan and decided to pour the boiling baking soda solution over it (ignoring the warning about anodized cookware).

The shortcomings of this idea became apparent when it came to getting the dough out of the water and spatulas mauled the water-logged dough...


So, I wrung the dough out and a few handfuls of flour later it was a thick crust.

For the sauce I decided to hybridized a pizza sauce and pumpkin mix. I added a small can of tomato sauce to a can of Libby's Pumpkin Filling, a bit of condensed milk, and then spice it with pepper, garlic, basil, and oregano. I also added garam masala, which is an Indian spice mix similar to pumpkin spice. After some simmering I dumped it in a bowl and mixed in some eggs.

I wanted to top it like a pizza too. I sometimes like to add chestnuts to sweet potatoes, which taste similar to pumpkin pie filling, so I added some chestnuts to the pizza.

I wanted something more though, and I figured mushrooms would be unobjectionable [to me].

I stuck with mozzarella. I didn't believe it's flavor would clash with the pumpkin.

I don't go in for meatless pizza - or meatless meals - so I added some bacon. I figured it would pair well, not just in terms of flavor but also in terms of "I'm so tired of bacon everywhere" and "I'm so tired of pumpkin spice everywhere".

Since the whole boiling thing had failed I went with the a back-up plan I found in Pizza Magazine Quartely and washed the ring of crust in a baking-soda solution. A little over 20 minutes later I had this:

It was interesting. The problem is that the crust can't take more than about 20 minutes, but the pumpkin really needs an hour to gel. I let it sit and set for an hour and it was a bit better. The next day I fed a slice to my mom and she thought it was pretty good. She was not keen on the mushrooms though...

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