Pumpkin-Spice Pizza


Apparently I have the taste buds of a 16-year-old girl, so I view the preponderance of pumpkin-spice flavoring as a good thing. Not everyone agrees:

Challenge accepted.

I poked around the Moab City Market for a while trying to find a pizza dough I liked. The Pillsbury in-a-can stuff is all square, and I wasn't sure if I could knead it and add something to it. Eventually I settled on Fleischmann's pretzel mix after remembering two colleagues going back and forth on the simmilarity of pizza dough to pretzel dough.

I decided to follow the instructions for the pretzel rolls. When mixing the dough I dumped in some pumpkin spice. I added a sensible amount and then added some more. To give you an idea, I don't think the pretzel dough is usually that brown. Then I let it sit for half an hour, as instructed.

After the allotted time, I sprinkled it with some more spice.

I bought pizza sauce (sacrilege!), but added some spices to it. And some big spoonfuls of Libby's pumpkin filling. So the pizza has more pumpkin than 99% of pumpkin-spice products.

I topped it with pepperoni, mushroom, and red onion. I didn't want to complicate the flavors with excess topping, but I also wanted to use up the vegetables I had in the fridge.

I cooked it for about thirty minutes at 400 Fahrenheit. It smelled amazing while cooking.

So, how did it taste? The pumpkin the sauce was similar to pumpkin salsa, not very overpowering, just a note. The nutmeg in the crust was obvious at first, then died away. I probably should have added more pumpkin and pumpkin spice...

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