Prime Rib


A feature of my late grandmother's Christmas dinners was Prime Rib, which made Christmas at Grandma Dia's even more awesome than just being at grandma's. This year I decided to revive the tradition and go all in and make a prime rib with my precision cooker. The result was keen:

Especially consider that I cooked it in this:

I picked up the cooler at a second-hand shop when I wanted to do a giant Boston Butt at Thanksgiving. I just slide my precision cooker through the hole I made and it can accommodate a big butt and a duck, or in this case a 9.5 pound rib eye (and a duck*).

I put the ribeye a sealed bag with some butter and seasoning. Then I submerged that in a 131� F/55� C water bath for five hours. That's a medium-rare temp; I'd prefer rare, but I try to avoid cooking below 130� F for longer than an hour or two since the pasteurization of the beef is iffy to non-existent at that low a temperature. After pulling it out of the water bath I seared it in the broiler for a few minutes on each side, top and bottom. The result was:

To be honest I could have seasoned it better; the interior was a bit under-seasoned. Next year I will just have to use a flavor injector or something. Still pretty damn good though

*: I got my niece hooked on duck at Thanksgiving too.

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